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Finding detailed information about managing and treating cutaneous rheumatologic diseases is challenging. Many medical journals and professional organizations have extensive online libraries and published guidelines for treating organ-specific or systemic rheumatologic diseases. However, cutaneous rheumatologic diseases that are not common or not covered well in the literature, such as lupus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma and vasculitis, can be problematic for practitioners. Ongoing research is limited and there are few randomized controlled clinical trials for these disease categories relevant to the skin.

RDS was established to provide physicians with improved resources and tools to better care for this cohort of patients. It is also part of our mission to promote and encourage physician-trainees and others in the medical field to generate interest and exchange ideas through abstracts, blogs, case studies and presentations in this subspecialty.

Managing Patients with Rheumatologic Skin Disorders

RDS acts as a physician’s resource offering:

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