Understanding your disease

Understanding your disease can help you be more confident as you begin your treatment plan.  RDS is dedicated to providing information that will help you understand your skin disease and how it will affect you, your family, and your quality of life, and provide helpful tips for improving your symptoms and coping with your disease.

About Your Disease

RDS provides dedicated information to help you better understand you skin disease.

Coping with Your Disease

RDS understands the daily physical difficulties and emotional frustrations that individuals experience from skin-related problems from rheumatologic diseases. We provide tips to help you better cope with your illness and useful resources for finding physicians to treat your disease, information on medications that might be used for your disease, and locating other resources, such as support groups, clinical trials and patient registries.

A Better Quality of Life

As a professional membership organization, we are dermatologists, physicians and researchers committed to finding better treatment and practical solutions that will ultimately improve your quality of life.  We can help you:

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