Dear All,

At our most recent leadership meeting we decided to hold our 2021 meeting in a virtual format. Everyone would love to see each other in person and we understand that this is not the ideal format for building relationships and collaborations. However, the majority of our institutions have not yet lifted travel bans and have not provided guidance on anticipated lifts of travel bans, the sponsoring academic institution at the meeting site is currently not allowing for room reservation, many members have young children and grandchildren who will not have access to vaccinations by the time of our meeting, and the ACR has decided to limit in-person offerings at their meeting (which is held in conjunction with ours). Given these factors, we felt the best way to ensure that we can guarantee a meeting is to plan a virtual meeting.

Please prepare your trainees for a call for abstracts to be sent out in August 2021.

The meeting will occur Saturday November 6, 2021.

We look forward to “seeing” you in November.

Thank you,

RDS Leadership

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