Our History

The Rheumatologic Dermatology Society, originally known as North American Rheumatologic Dermatology Society (NARDS), was formed in 2006 by a core group of American and Canadian dermatologists as an outgrowth of several decades of collaboration at international conferences with our European and Asian colleagues with Richard Sontheimer as Founding President.

The Society’s founding members and current leadership remain committed to maintaining a comprehensive and dynamic web-based tool for anyone interested in cutaneous rheumatologic diseases. We encourage dermatologists and other physicians and professionals interested in this subspecialty to work with us and become a member of RDS.

RDS Leadership Team & Committees – 2022/2023


Ruth Ann Vleugels

President Elect:

Alisa Femia

President Elect In Waiting:

Joe Merola

Secretary/Treasurer Elect:

Michelle Min


Ben Chong


Anna Haemel

CME Ambassador:

Tony Fernandez

CME Ambassador:

Ben Chong

Director, Rheumatologic Dermatology Society CME Consensus Conference:

Matilda Nicholas

Immediate Past President:

Nicole Fett


Finance Committee:

Jeff Gehlhausen, Avrom Caplan, Scott Elman

Membership/Nominating Committee:

Noelle Teske, Lauren Graham, Sarah Lonowski, Neda Shahriari

Research Committee:

Mehdi Rashighi, Allen Ho, Janice Tiao, Daniel Mazori, Sarika Ramachandran, Flavia Fedeles

Resident & Fellow Committee:

Heather Jones, Christina Lam 2024, Christopher Richardson, Jennifer Yeh, Zachary Holcomb

Website/Social Media/Outreach Committee:

Matilda Nicholas, Anne Marano, Abraham Korman, Matthew Helm

Editorial Board for website educational content Committee:

Vicky Werth, Rick Sontheimer

Annual Meeting Committee:

Katharina Shaw, Dustin Taylor, Andrea Maderal